Brass Valves
The brass valves are very strong valves generally used in the plumbing and construction industry. They are highly sturdy and durable in nature. They do not get affected with rust. 

Damper Quadrant
The damper quadrant is a heavy quadrant that is specially designed for handling and locking of the damper. It is robust and highly durable in nature.

Rubber Isolation Pads
A rubber isolation pad is made up of rubber material that provides elasticity and unbreak ability to the pad. It provides high resistance to the vibration and noise. 

Rubber Mounts
The rubber mount is the machinery component that helps in reducing the noise pollution. The noise levels and vibrations get minimized with the use of them. 

Seismic Base Isolators
The seismic base isolators are the important devices that are helpful for reducing the shakes and vibrations. They are even helpful for reducing the affects of earthquake. 

Spring Isolator
Spring isolator is often used in the vehicles for controlling the weight and isolating the noise. The noise and the shakiness of the vehicle is reduced to a great extent. 

Duct Corner
Duct corner is a l shaped flange that is widely used in the petrochemical industry. It has the sliver color and light weight. It possesses smooth surface finishing. 

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